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    Last updated 8 months ago

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    Exploring Your Healthy Options at Polly's Pies

    Last updated 8 months ago

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    If you have dietary restrictions, Polly’s Pies has a host of healthy menu options that are good for any time of day.  With such a wide variety of dishes, Polly’s has the perfect meal for everyone in the family. Read on to see how our menu will fit right in with your healthy lifestyle.

    For breakfast, choose from a wide variety of omelets and egg combos served with breakfast potatoes or fresh fruit. We also have salads that offer a lighter way to eat at lunch or dinner. Just remember to tell your server to hold the croutons, and ask for oil and vinegar as a dressing. If you have a hearty appetite, try one of our delicious, fresh, never-frozen hamburgers protein style—wrapped in your choice of lettuce instead of a bun.

    At Polly’s Pies, we understand that everyone has different dietary restrictions and preferences. That’s why we are proud to offer so many options at our family restaurants. Bring the whole family into Polly’s for a delicious meal, and order online when you’re pressed for time. 

    Why an Omelet Is a Simple, Yet Filling Meal

    Last updated 9 months ago

    It’s often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What you eat in the morning can affect the way you feel the rest of the day, so it’s important to have something nutritious and filling to hold you over until lunch without any major snack attacks. The next time you need a hearty breakfast to fuel your adventures, head over to your favorite family restaurant for a delicious omelet. Omelets are deceptively simple and can have a number of different ingredients to suit your particular tastes. Read on to learn why an omelet is a smart choice for breakfast.

    High Protein

    You have your choice of just about anything you want to eat for breakfast, but remember that certain foods will only leave you full for a short time. In order to feel satisfied and remain that way until your next meal, you’ll need a meal that’s full of protein. Eggs, the main ingredient in omelets, have about six grams of protein each. When you eat a three-egg omelet, you’ll be getting a little over 18 grams of protein from the eggs alone. Adding in other protein-rich ingredients like cheese, mushrooms, or your choice of meat will up your protein intake even more.


    One of the best aspects of having an omelet for breakfast is that you can choose different ingredients every day. If you’re feeling particularly hungry, you can order an omelet with hearty ingredients like spinach, bacon, mushrooms, and sausage. On the other hand, if you like to keep your omelets on the simpler side, opt for a simple four-cheese omelet that lets the taste of the eggs and the cheese shine. When your omelet is served alongside delicious breakfast potatoes or a cup of fresh fruit, you’ll have the ingredients for a great start to your day.

    Polly’s Pies in Fullerton is proud to serve up some of the area’s best omelets every day. Visit our website for a look at our breakfast menu, and don’t forget to take advantage of our online ordering system to save yourself time. 

    Fun Facts about Pies

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Pies are one of America’s favorite desserts, and for good reason. With a tender, flaky crust and a delicious filling full of sweet, fresh fruit, a pie may just be the perfect food. Pies can be sweet or savory, or even both, and are not just for dessert anymore. Many people in America enjoy eating pie for breakfast, lunch, or as a midnight snack. When your sweet tooth is acting up, there’s nothing quite like pie to satisfy your craving. Keep reading to learn a few fun facts about pies.

    The Origins of Pie

    Pie is by no means a new invention. Though we at Polly’s Pies think we make the best pie, we certainly can’t claim to have made the very first pie. A fruit pie was first mentioned in print back in 1590, in Robert Green’s Arcadia. Pumpkin pie, often associated with the Thanksgiving holiday, wasn’t on the table at the first Thanksgiving. It was actually at the second Thanksgiving in 1623 that pumpkin pie made its first appearance. If you’re a pie aficionado, you can be glad you weren’t alive in 1644, when Oliver Cromwell banned the eating of pie for 16 years. Thankfully, leaders lifted that ban in 1660 and pie was once again deemed acceptable to eat.

    America’s Favorite Pies

    Everyone has a favorite kind of pie, and it may come as no surprise that almost one out of every five Americans says that apple pie is their favorite, according to the American Pie Council. Pumpkin pie is a close second, with 13% of people claiming it as their pie of choice. Pecan, banana cream, and cherry round out the top five favorite pies in America. Regardless of the flavor, more Americans say they would prefer friends and family to bring a pie to their house for a holiday instead of a cake or cookies.

    Whatever your favorite flavor of pie is, come down to Polly’s Pies to enjoy a slice or to take home a whole pie. With so many flavors to choose from, you might even find a new favorite. You can also round up your entire family and visit us for a fun and wholesome time. Be sure to order online ahead of time when you just can’t wait. 

    Exploring the Health Benefits of Coffee

    Last updated 9 months ago

    For many people, it’s impossible to start the day without a good cup of freshly-brewed coffee. The good news is that coffee can have certain health benefits. Watch this video to learn more about the health benefits of coffee.

    Coffee is made from coffee beans, which contain antioxidants and polyphenols. Antioxidants are naturally-occurring chemicals that help fight the damaging effects of oxygen throughout the body. Caffeine is what most people associate with coffee, of course, and it can have certain benefits. In addition to making you feel more awake, it triggers your brain’s pleasure centers and makes you more alert and responsive. 

    For the best start to your day in Fullerton, come on down to Polly’s Pies and have a cup of Polly’s Gourmet Coffee. Pair your coffee with one of our hearty breakfasts for the perfect way to begin your day. Be sure to try our online ordering system to streamline the whole process. 

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